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PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate Management -

has been a full service Rental and Management company since 2010. This combined with our 35 years of Real Estate Services in the Oceanside and surrounding areas, gives us the jump on most - as we live, play and work here. If you own Vacation Property or Rental Property in the Oceanside area - let us Help You Out!

A Few Of the Services We Offer:

Advertising Your Property in Oceanside and All Surrounding Areas
Accounting and Financial Management
Pre-Approving of Prospective Tenant(s)
Qualifying Your Tenant With Current Financial Strength
Employment Varification and Past Rental History
Preventative Maintenance and Care of Your Property

A Few Good Reasons To Hire PIERVIEW PROPERTIES Real Estate Management to Manage Your Property

1. Saves you time, work, and stress.

2. You won't have to advertise your property, take rental calls, and/or show the property.

3.You won't have to worry about tenants calling you about repairs.

4. You won't have worry about collecting rent.

5. You won't have to collect NSF checks.

6. You won't have to schedule and fill out the move-out inspection report.

7. You won't have to coordinate someone to clean, paint, or make repairs.

8. You won't have to mail the tenant's accounting report and refund check.

9. You won't have to start the process all over again.

10.You won't have to screen applicants and worry about who you should pick.

11. You won't have to execute the lease agreement, fill out the move-in inspection report and deposit money.

Having sold literally hundreds of homes over the years, we have the advantage of knowing what people want in the community. 

If you determine your Real Estate investment will benefit from full time Professional Management, feel free to Call Today! 

We'd be happy to discuss with you our menu of services, and determine what level of management best fits your needs.

For More Information - Please give David Albert a call at: 760-822-7403


302 N. Cleveland St.

Oceanside, CA. 92054

Serving Oceanside Communities Since 1979



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302 N. Cleveland St

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